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The Alexander Brand

6 Steps to Create A Winning Product! (E-Book)

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Have you wanted a step by step blueprint on how to create a winning product that actually sells for your business?

I decided to write a book based on my studies of various entrepreneurs and businesses like myself, that goes in-depth about how to create a winning product no matter what the product is and the steps to create a winning product.

These 6 steps have been reviewed by all of my business mentors and should give you the proper steps you need to actually move forward to get your start up business off the ground. The book itself is 6 chapters and the chapters include an in-depth process on how to handle your process of starting a new product. I hope you all enjoy, please leave an honest review!

The Categories that are covered in this book are:

  1. Prototype
  2. Testing
  3. Marketing + Branding
  4. The Unique Check
  5. The Price is Right
  6. Quality Assurance


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