Are you going through Hard times Right now?! Read this!!!!!

Are you going through Hard times Right now?! Read this!!!!!

Are you facing hard times currently? Look, we ALL go through some tough times in life. -Financially -Personally -Mentally -Physically Not one single person alive on this planet has has a perfect, stress free, worry free life. Which means if you are going through some stuff, you're not the first, last or the only one. It's what we do during tough times that defines who we become on the other side of them. I'm no stranger to tough times, hell if Im being real, Im prolly best friends with tough times. I seem to always get through them though, no matter how tough they get. Allow me to share with you what I do to mentally callous myself when things get rough.

#1 I understand that it is temporary Most people get in some stuff and think it will last forever, but it never does. Tough times come and go, and if you refuse to quit, whatever it is will pass. Knowing this gives you a mindset of doing the work to get through it.

#2 I refuse to quit Most people stay in tough times longer than necessary because they stopped. Look, if you're going through hell, don't stop. If you are catching hell, don't hold on. Keep going and remember everything you want is on the other side of the struggle.

#3 The struggle makes me stronger They say "bad things come in 3s" and I don't know if that is true, but I know that each time I have been in the struggle, I learn from the mistakes I made that got me in the struggle. Those lessons bulletproof me from making the same mistakes in the future.

#4 It's my responsibility The struggle comes upon us because of actions we took in the past. The sooner we accept responsibility for what we did to get ourselves in this situation, the sooner we learn the lesson and avoid repeating the situation. If we make excuses, we never learn the lessons required to advance past it. If you will adopt these simple mindsets they can change your perspective on hard times and protect you from them in the future.

Remember this: If you're going through it, you're not alone. People all over the world are suffering right now, we are truly not unique or alone in the struggle. The people you see who seem to have it all together go through tough times too, we all do. Choose the right mindset during tough times and celebrate the victory when you overcome the adversity in your life. And when all else fails, work harder! -On your finances -On your mindset -On your relationships -On your mental toughness Rise Above 🤝🏾❤️


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