About Us


We take pride in offering the highest quality, and most unique products on the e-commerce market today. From our family to yours, we put a lot of attention and care when making our products. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. We started out with aromatherapy/skincare products in 2018, on Etsy and have since officially branched out into providing digital services as well as starting up our very own digital network. 


Elijah Alexander 21, is a college student and entrepreneur who is the founder and creator of The Alexander Brand. He is the main host of The Eli Talks Podcast . He is currently a realtor in pensacola,FL and wants to build up the skincare line of The Alexander Brand to take over the beauty industry and then take over the tech world. Follow our founder on instagram/facebook @eliiialexander and on twitter @eliialexander. 


Heres the Full Story on how we brought The Alexander Brand to life. via:  https://anchor.fm/elitalks/episodes/The-story-of-The-Alexander-Brand-eo7jts


The Alexander Brand Network

The Alexander Brand Network

The Alexander Brand Network is a digital network that brings you the podcasts such as Eli Talks, The Let's Talk About Whatever Podcast, The inner Truth Podcast, Growing in business with Eli and Eli and Friends. All of these shows are available on all your favorite podcast platforms, Eli's IGTV, and our official youtube channel of Elijah Alexander Tv.