Video content for your business

Video content for your business

Yo what up?! Its Elijah!

Listen, are you struggling with making video content for your business? I have a GEM for you today.

As you know, I've been making video content for almost 8 years and I find that most entrepreneurs struggle with selling their product/service or creating valuable content through the internet.

So I've compiled 7 strategies that will help you with developing BETTER video content. Here it is....

1. Dress like you would if you were trying to sh*t on a hater at an event you’re attending. You’re laughing but it works. You naturally have a more confident and aggressive attitude when you’re dressed for success. This will show in your content. I guarantee it.

2. Talk to the wall everyday. People don’t know that when I started shooting content 7 years ago, I would go in the room by myself & talk to the wall while the camera was recording. And if I needed help with topics, I had someone on speaker asking me questions. It works.

3. Practice Going Live. This is old news but Instagram has a “IG LIVE PRACTICE” feature that allows you to freestyle without anyone watching. You can also add specific people into the live to give you feedback. This is like being on stage without an audience to get comfortable.

4. Write down your entire thought on a notepad and memorize it. What you also don’t know about me is that before I became a “good” public speaker who could improvise, I had to write down my video word-for-word. This helped me with confidence since I trained & prepared for a day.

5. Collaborate with someone who’s a strong speaker / sales person. This will allow the collaborator to dominate 90% of the conversation while you take baby steps and only speak during the times where you feel confident. The Collab can also throw you alley-oops if they are good.

6. Slow down your speech pattern. It’s something I had to work on because I naturally talk fast (I’m from up-north) lol. So I consciously say to myself “SLOW DOWN DON” before I start shooting. This has helped me to limit the rambling, get to the point and get out quickly.

7. Last but not least, ASK FOR AS MUCH CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM as you can from people who do this for a living. Not some random Joe with username (@Joe651132450799) who trolls under everyone’s pages for a living because he’s a clown in real life who is jealous and needs attention!

Video content is definitely a MAJOR FACTOR in growing a solid brand on social platforms in 2021 and beyond.

I hope this message helps you to take your video content to the next level & I want to remind you... my team & I teach entrepreneurs & content creators how to develop GREAT content everyday.

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