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The Alexander Brand

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Bracelets

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These bracelets are aromatherapy bracelets in which you can choose an essential oil of your choice to be placed on the bracelets and it last you all day. Depending on essential oil you choose, the different effects it will have. We have oils for severe headaches, anxiety, congestion, master health and more! Bracelets come in black or white.

These bracelets come in various colors and are usually paired up with our essential oil blends. Some of our blends include: 

  • Congestion
  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • master health
  • energy
  •  headache


These oils go well with our aromatherapy bracelets in which you put the oils in the pores of the bracelets and you wear it as the oil last you for days. 

Check Out our tutorial below

How to use

These bracelets can be used with our essential oil blends. Feel free to go to our Youtube channel to see our how to videos.


Shipping for the butters usually take 3-5 business days. It could take longer as each order is made organically.

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